Archive of Board Decisions held in Public

Item for DecisionHidden DateBoard DateBoard TimeDecision NoticeBoard Minutes
Multi Material Recovery Facility10/11/202310th November 202310:00Download
Thermal Treatment Facility10/11/202310th November 202310:00Download
GF/00150/06 (PA/01398/23); Amendments to the approved Townsquare development in Sliema27/10/202327th October 202310:00DownloadDownload
Construction of St. Albert the Great Community College, Class 2C; consisting of four blocks above ground: Kinder/Administration block, Early and Middle school block, Senior school block and Child care block, including also external sports facilities and educational horticultural spaces, and underlying car parking (two levels), auditorium, indoor sport facilities, and water reservoirs. Site at, Dawret Hal Ghaxaq c/w Triq il-Hareb c/w Unnamed Alley, Il-Hareb, Ghaxaq15/09/202315th September 202310:00Download
EA/00018/21 (PA/04448/22); Construction of the second cable link inter-connector Project. The proposal includes trenching, laying, cable jointing and installation between the Enemalta132kV Maghtab Terminal Station and the near shore approach, construction of underground joint bays, a trench-less transition from onshore to offshore and the laying and protection of the submarine cable up to the median line between Maghtab, Naxxar Malta and Ragusa, Sicily25/08/202325th August 202310:00Download
EA/00009/20 (PA/03927/19); Proposed alterations and construction of a water polo and swimming pool, deck area, changing rooms, toilets, showers, committee meeting room and ancillary facilities25/08/202325th August 202310:00DownloadDownload
EA/00064/19 (PA/08969/19); Proposed construction of an old people's home at Quarry SM61, Triq il-Belt Valletta, Mqabba27/01/202327th January 202311:00Download
DDE Attard Ltd28/11/202228th October 202211:00Download
Aquaculture Resources Ltd23/09/202223rd September 202211:00Download
PA/09876/19; To demolish existing building as phase 1 of a redevelopment project. Site at Mellieha Bay Hotel, Triq il-Marfa, Ghadira, Mellieha

PA/01948/20; Proposed development of hotel (Class 3B) with ancillary facilities including storage of LPG tanks and excavation works following the demolition of the existing hotel (PA/9876/19). Proposal also includes soft/hard landscaping, pools, restoration/construction of rubble walls, and restoration of part of the coast. Total proposed number of guest rooms is 421 rooms. Site at Mellieha Bay Hotel, Triq il-Marfa, Ghadira, Mellieha
09/09/20229th September 202211:00Download
EA/00007/16 (PA 08894/20); Redevelopment of an existing derelict hotel including environmentally friendly measures and provision of public ancillary facilities; and Change in layout and distribution of uses of approved hotel (PA/2767/16) to achieve: an increase in public open space and extending landscaped areas including roof tops and terraces. Removal of lower basement level and reduction in the overall height level.05/08/20225th August 202211:00Download
EA/00001/21 (PA 04777/21); Proposed demolition of existing hotel at San Niklaw Bay and existing bungalows at Santa Marija Bay. The proposed development consists of part excavation and the construction of Class 3B Hotel (140 beds) at San Niklaw Bay area and individual serviced Bungalows (21 units) at Santa Marija Bay area with ancillary facilities and amenities including Spa (class 3C), bars/lounges (Class 4C) and restaurants (class 4D), upgrading the existing berthing facilities (class 3D); construction of swimming pools; reservoirs; complete upgrade of the infrastructure systems and back of house facilities. Upgrading and reinstatement of the natural ecological and existing disturbed terrain in both San Niklaw and Santa Marija areas in accordance with the Gozo and Comino Local Plan15/07/202215th July 202211:00Download
Amino Chemicals Ltd. IP 0005/2106/05/20226th May 202211:00Download
EA/00028/19 (PA/02943/19); It is proposed to demolish existing Hotel, Excavate and Construct a new Class 3B Hotel having 400 Rooms, class 3C Gym, class 3D Diving Centre & water sports facilities, class 4B Retail outlets, class 4D bars, class 4D Restaurants & ancillary facilities including an indoor and an outdoor pool, parking area plus multipurpose halls08/04/20228th April 202211:00Download
IP/0001/09/B Poligas Ltd25/03/202225th March 202210:00Download
EA/00028/19 (PA/02943/19); It is proposed to demolish existing Hotel, Excavate and Construct a new Class 3B Hotel having 400 Rooms, class 3C Gym, class 3D Diving Centre & water sports facilities, class 4B Retail outlets, class 4D bars, class 4D Restaurants & ancillary facilities including an indoor and an outdoor pool, parking area plus multipurpose halls18/02/202218th February 202213:00Download
EA/00046/18 (PA/02470/16 & PA/06097/20); Proposed construction of a multi-storey mixed-use development (PX Tower)18/02/202218th February 202211:00Download
Delimara Power Station IP 0002/2118/02/202218th February 202210:00Download
PA/03816/18 (EA/00037/19); Proposed internal addition to existing factory including a Bio. Diesel Production unit and an extension to the existing factory including a Bio. Plant with PV Panels on the roof. Site at, Hal Far26/11/202126th November 202111:00Download
PA/03012/20 (EA/00057/18); Waste to Energy Plant
in the ECOHIVE Complex
17/09/202117th September 202111:00Download
Sterling Chemical Malta Ltd.03/09/20213rd September 202110:00Download
Marsa Power Station27/08/202127th August 202110:00Download
PA/08757/17 (EA/00043/16); Malta-Sicily Gas pipeline23/07/202123rd July 202111:00Download
PA/03465/14 (EA/00039/14); Proposed construction of structure to house end of life vehicles and sanctioning of existing store, Gharghur18/06/202118th June 202111:00Download
PA/09407/17 (EA/00015/17); Manoel Island Development04/06/20214th June 202111:00Download
PA/02906/16 (EA/00030/15); Fort Cambridge project21/05/202121st May 202111:00Download
Thermal Treatment Facility07/05/217th May 202110:00Download
PA 03807/17(EA 00007/17) City Centre multi-use development23/04/202123rd April 202111:00Download
WEEE Recycle 4U Co. Ltd.01/01/202115th January 202110:45Download
Medichem Manufacturing (Malta) Ltd & Combino Pharm (Malta) Ltd. 01/01/202115th January 202110:00Download
Metalco Ltd18/12/202018th December 202010:00Download
Sant' Antnin Waste Treatment Plant04/12/20204th December 202010:30Download
AGV Non Ferrous Malta Ltd23/10/202023th October 202010:00Download
Malta North Waste Treatment Plant11/09/202011th September 202010:00Download
Ta` Zwejra non-hazardous landfill06/03/20206th March 202012:00Download
Ghallis non-hazardous engineered landfill06/03/20206th March 202011:30Download
Waste Oil Co. Ltd.24/01/202024th January 202011:00Download
DDE Attard Ltd.06/12/20196th December 201911:30Download
Sterling Chemical Malta Ltd.06/09/20196th September 201908:30Download
Sterling Chemical Malta Ltd.23/11/201823th November 201812:00Download
Gasparell Baling Plant23/11/201823th November 201811:00Download
Green Skip Services Ltd./G.S.Rec Ltd27/04/201827th April 2018 13:00Download
Crystal Pharma Ltd.27/04/201827th April 201812:00Download
Amino Chemicals Ltd.27/04/201827th April 201811:00Download
Marsa Power Station25/08/201725th August 201712:15Download
Delimara Power Station25/08/201725th August 201711:00Download
Delimara Power Station19/12/201619th December 201609:30Download