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  • Malta experienced high levels of PM10 in 2009. However, many of the exceedances of the daily limit value were due to natural sources, which can be deducted, and this results in the country being compliant.
  • Annual average ozone concentrations increased slightly by 1.3% in 2009. The hourly information threshold was exceeded in Għarb, but not in Kordin and Żejtun.
  • The annual average benzene concentration remained almost constant between 2008 and 2009, and no locality average exceeded the EU limit value.
  • The annual nationwide average of nitrogen dioxide concentrations remained well below the EU and WHO limit values in 2009, however concentrations exceeded the limit value in 5 localities and 22 individual sites.
  • National annual average sulphur dioxide concentrations fell by 20% in 2009, in line with trends over the past years.


A2 Annual average Ozone concentrations
A3 Annual average Benzene concentrations  
A4 Annual average Nitrogen dioxide concentrations 
A5 Annual average Sulphur dioxide concentrations