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  • National annual average sulphur dioxide concentrations decreased by 5.8% in 2010 remaining well below the EU critical level.
  • Average annual benzene concentrations declined by 32.8% between 2008 and 2010, and no locality average exceeded the EU limit value.
  • Malta experienced higher levels of particulate matter in 2010, and EU standards were exceeded in Msida, which is the site most dominated by traffic.
  • Annual average nitrogen dioxide concentrations decreased from 28.1µg/m3 to 26.3µg/m3, remaining well below the EU and WHO limit value in 2010, however 18 out of 131 individual sites measured registered levels higher than the limit value.
  • Annual average ozone concentrations increased marginally from 102.8µg/m3 to 102.9µg/m3 in 2010. The 8-hour limit value was exceeded in Għarb and Żejtun, but not in Msida. Ozone in Malta comes mainly from transboundary sources.

A1 Particulate matter concentrations
A2 Ozone concentrations
A3 Concentrations of benzene and other volatile organic compounds
A4 Nitrogen dioxide concentrations
A5 Sulphur dioxide concentrations