Amino Chemicals Ltd

Application for Renewal of IPPC Permit - Amino Chemicals Ltd.

​​Permit Number​ ​​IP 0003/06 - Amino Chemicals Ltd.
Permit Publication Date ​​10th July 2018
Permit Covering letter Permit Letter
EPD Report IP 0003/06 - EPD Report
Activity ​Manufactuer of pharmaceutical products
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Amino Chemicals Ltd. - IPPC permit - IP 0003/06/E

 IPPC perm​​it

IP 0003/06/E



 Permit Letter

 Covering letter



 EPD Report

 IP 0003/06/E - EPD Report



 IPPC application

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6


Part 7


Part 8


Part 9 




Extension - Part 1


Extension - Part 2


Extension - Part 3a


Extension - Part 3bi


Extension - Part 3bii


Extension - Part 3biii


Extension - Part 3c


Extension - Part 3d


Extension - Part 3e


Extension - Part 3f


Extension - Part 3g


Extension - Part 4


Extension - Part 5


Extension - Part 6


Extension - Part 7


Extension - Part 8


Extension - Part 9


Extension - Part 10


Extension - Part 11


Extension - Part 12



 Application for Variation D

 Application Forms A, C​

Section A1.4 Details of existing permit
Section C1.2 Non-technical description
Section C1.3 Proposed variation
Section C1.4.1 Site report Part A, B, C, D
Section C1.4.2 Site map
Section C1.4.3 Block plan
Section C2.3 Proposed activities
Section C2.4 Maintenance
Section C2.7 Risk Assessment Part A, B
Section C2.8 Training
Section C3.1.2 Waste Management
Section C7.1 Planning Status  Part A, B


 Application for Variation E

Form A:                                  Form A

Form C:                                   Form C

Application documents:     C 001_E2014

                                              C 002_E2014

                                              C 003_E2014

                                              C 004_E2014

                                              C 005_E2014

                                              C 006_E2014

                                              C 007_E2014

                                              C 008_E2014

                                              C 009_E2014

                                              C 010_E2014

                                              C 011_E2014

                                              C 012_E2014

                                              C 013_E2014

                                              C 014_E2014 - Part 1

                                              C 014_E2014 - Part 2



Annual Environmental Report (AER) 2009: Part 1, Part 2

Annual Environmental Report (AER) 2010: Part 1, Part 2

Annual Environmental Report (AER) 2011: Part 1, Part 2



 Compliance auditing

 May 2010: Summary report of audit at this installation