Applying for an IPPC Permission

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Industrial Emissions Directive​

An application for an IPPC permit is submitted to ERA using standard forms. In their application, companies must:

            • ​​​​​​submit a description of their proposed activities;
  • provide details of how the site will be managed and nominate a technically competent person;
  • indicate the potential for releases of emissions and waste generation and how these will be minimised and monitored; 
  • specify the raw materials, water and energy use of the activity and how resources will be used efficiently;
  • indicate how the site will be returned to a satisfactory site after operations cease. 

The application forms (consisting of Form A and Form B) may be accessed below.

​​General Application Form Form A EN | MT Form B EN | MT
​Application Form for Farms Form A EN | MT Form B EN | MT
​Application​ Form for Landfills Form A EN | MT​ Form B

The application process

In addition to submitting the application form to ERA in one printed and one soft copy, applicants are required to submit a soft copy to the consultees identified by Regulation 19(2) of the Industrial Emissions (IPPC) Regulations. A signed delivery note​ is required to be submitted as part of the application submitted to ERA.

The application is assessed by ERA in consultation with the consultees identified by Regulation 19(2) of the Industrial Emissions (IPPC) Regulations, LN 10 of 2013. ERA may ask for further information until enough information is available for a decision. The application is then made public on ERA’s website, ERA’s front office and the local council of the locality in which the installation is proposed, for a period of 30 days during which time the public is invited to comment.

After permitting, the permit application and the permit are made available to the public on ERA’s website. Submissions made as part of permit conditions and inspection reports may also be placed on the website.

Variations of the IPPC permit

The IPPC permit is a dynamic permit, and may be varied should the Authority think it is necessary to do so, or if the operator makes a request. In the case of substantial changes, a 30-day public consultation period will be required prior to the Authority making a decision, whereas for minor variations a 15-day consultation period may be applicable. General application forms for variation are available below.

​​General Application Form (Variation) Form A EN | MT For​m C EN | MT

Applying for renewal of the permit

IPPC permits are valid for a specific period, and the operator needs to submit an application for renewal within the timeframe specified in the installation's IPPC permit. An application for renewal should include the following information:

(1) An indication of how the improvements required by the IPPC permit have been implemented;
(2) A comparison of the operation of the plant with the latest relevant BAT conclusions, where applicable;
(3) Submission of application forms A and C, if changes to the operation are being proposed.