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Backfilling of Excavation Voids
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The quarries that were licensed through S.L. 549.07 and that have a pending environment application with the Authority are considered as sites authorised to accept inert material until a full environment permit is issued. The waste that is authorised to enter at these sites is solely restricted to the following and includes the following EWC codes or as otherwise specified in the Environmental Permit.

​​01 01 02 Waste from mineral non metalliferous excavation​
​01 04 08 ​Waste gravel and crushed rocks except those mentioned in 01 04 07 
​01 04 09 ​Waste sand and clays
​01 04 13 ​Wastes from stone cutting and sawing except those metnioned in 01 04 07
​17 01 01 Concrete
​17 01 02 ​Bricks
​17 01 03 ​Tiles and ceramics
​17 01 07 ​Mixtures of concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics other those mentioned in 17 01 06
​17 02 02 ​Glass


Excavation WasteWaste that originates from rock excavation. This waste should be free of soil, trees, shrubs or any other agricultural content.

Construction & Demolition WasteWaste that originates from the construction & demolition of structures. This waste is to consist of stone slabs and concrete planks or concrete beams only and should not contain any other waste type such as aluminium, wood or iron apertures, pieces of clothing, furniture, household goods, mattresses or any other waste.​