Current Vacancies

A number of vacancies for internships have risen within the various units of the Environment & Resources Autority.  Terms & conditions are herewith being quoted for ease of reference: 

  1. Duration: Successful candidates are requested to carry out approximately twenty (20) hours of work per week, to be carried out between 08:00 to 15:00 hrs, excluding weekends. Working days are flexible and to the successful applicant’s preference. The internship duration is July to September 2018. 
  2. Location: The internship will be based within the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA), Marsa.
  3. Health & Safety:  Where applicable the interns should be made responsible for their own health and safety by signing a standard declaration form. This proposal is mostly related to desktop work, but in the case of fieldwork, student interns will be requested to wear protective gear at all times. The interns are to make these items available. Should the interns not abide to such health and safety precautions, they will be relieved of their involvement in the project.
  4. Internships are required within the following Units.  Links to requirements are also being provided as per below. 

​Insurance: Interns are to take care of an adequate insurance for the duration of the internship placement with the Environment Resources Authority. This cover will include indemnity and personal coverage, direct and indirect damage/loss towards any third party or the Environment Resources Authority. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​Submission of applications: Interested candidates should send a CV and covering letter by email to quoting ERA internship in the subject by noon (CET) of the 30th May 2018.