Data from Air Monitoring Stations

The real time air monitoring stations can determine concentrations of most pollutants every 15 minutes. The pollutants monitored in near real time are ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, gaseous mercury, particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) and meteorological variables. The pollutant monitored in each station depends on the nature of the station, its location and purpose. Dust speciation in the PM10 fraction is also taking place at specific locations through periodic measurements around the Maltese Islands.

Presently, ERA runs four automated near real time measuring stations in Malta which are situated at 
fixed sites: a traffic site in Msida, an urban background site in Zejtun, an urban site in Attard and a rural background site in Gharb, Gozo. Three of the above mentioned four stations have been part financed by two European Funding Programmes, namely Transitional Facility Fund 2004 and the European Regional Development Fund 2004-2006. These stations cover all pollutants requiring monitoring and reporting under the Ambient Air Quality Directive (2008/50/EC) and the four Daughter Directive (2004/107/EC). A mobile station was procured through tender CT3015/2011 Environmental Information Resource Systems and Air Monitoring Systems and commissioned in 2012 through the European Regional Development Fund 2007-2012.


ERA is temporarily providing real time information through the following links displayed below. The results may not necessarily reflect the air quality in the area, as erroneous instrument readings have not been removed. We are currently working on the establishment of a fully working real time information system and apologise for any inconvenience.