Affix Site Notice

Upon certification of the ES by ERA, the applicant will publish, in at least one daily newspaper in English and one daily newspaper in Maltese, a notice covering the following information:

a) the name of the applicant applying for the development permission;
b) the date when the application was validated;
c) the address or location and nature of the proposed development;
d) the details where copies of the application, plans and other relevant documents and the draft ES may be viewed by the public;
e) the address where and the last date when the ES and related documents may be viewed (not less than 14 days after the date of this notice’s publication);
f) the address where copies of the ES may be obtained, and that copies may be obtained until stock lasts;
g) the price for each copy; and
h) any person wishing to comment about the application is to make them in writing to ERA.

Furthermore, the applicant is to fix a notice on site containing the abovementioned information. The site notice is to be firmly affixed and exhibited and is to be left on site during the consultation period for not less than 7 consecutive days. After 7 days, the applicant submits to ERA a copy of the notice as published in the newspapers and a certificate by or on behalf of the applicant indicating that all the abovementioned procedures were duly carried out. 

The notices establish the beginning of a consultation period lasting 21 days, during which members of the public may inspect copies of the certified ES at ERA offices, from the ERA website and the respective Local Council/s. A copy of all ESs is made available on ERA website. Members of the public may submit comments in writing within 21 days of the notices appearing.​