EU Environmental Policy

​Welcome to the Malta Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) web page dedicated to EU environmental policy. As the environmental and resource regulator in Malta, responsible for the  Environment Protection Act (CAP 549), ERA is also the Competent Authority responsible for implementing much of the EU Environment Acquis.

The EU Acquis consists of over 200 EU instruments, including regulations and decisions which are directly binding and directives which are transposed into national legislation.  It comprises legal instruments on waste management, industrial pollution control, air quality, water quality, biodiversity and nature protection, noise,  GMOs, ionizing radiation, and horizontal issues. Strategic direction is provided by the EU's 7th Environment Action Programme, until 2020.

Implementation of the acquis ranges from legal transposition to ensuring that Malta  complies with established targets. Monitoring, drafting programmes, policies and measures, and reporting are typically required.

At EU level the Directorate General for Environment is the directorate responsible for EU Policy; it was set up in 1973. It makes sure that Member States are implementing EU law correctly and represents the EU on environmental matters at international level. The aim of this directorate is to sustain and protect the environment for present and future generations,protect biodiversity, in an innovative circular economy where growth has been decoupled from resource use. Karmenu Vella is the Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs & Fisheries; whilst the Directorate is managed by Director General  Daniel Calleja Crespo. 

For more information please visit DG Environment​​.