Consultations on EU Proposals

​The Environment and Resources Authority prepares position papers on Draft EU Legislation, on behalf of the Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change. The list of current draft EU Legislation is listed down in the table below. A copy of the Documents can be obtained by clicking on the Proposal Name in the table below. 

In order to enable ERA to represent Malta's concerns effectively in these position papers, all interested parties are being invited to send their comments to ERA.

 Ongoing Consultations on Draft EU Legislation

The European Commission adopted an ambitious Circular Economy Package, which includes revised legislative proposals on waste to stimulate Europe's transition towards a circular economy which will boost global competitiveness, foster sustainable economic growth and generate new jobs.

For more information please visit the following links;
Proposal Directive on Waste​
Annex to proposed Directive on Waste
Proposed Directive on Packaging Waste​
Annex to proposed Directive on Packaging Waste
Proposed Directive on Landfill
Proposal amending Directives 2000/53/EC on end-of-life vehicles, 2006/66/EC on batteries and accumulators and waste batteries and accumulators, and 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment
Analytical note on Waste Management targets​

Further information can be found at DG Environment Circular Economy Strategy​