Environmental Permitting Services

ERA is responsible for the processing of applications for environmental permits which can be categorised into three different streams - Industrial, Nature and Waste Management.

Environmental Permitting is one of the tools through which ERA ensures that activities that may be damaging to the environment are abated and thus safeguarding the environment from impacts arising from activities and operations which could have an associated environmental risk. ​

For further information on different permitting streams click on the links below or contact the ERA using info@era.org.mt or phone 2292 3500 during office hours:

  1. Industrial Permitting: This includes a system of notifications, General Binding Rules (GBRS), Environmental Permits (EPs) and IPPC permits for industrial operations of varying scales;
  2. Nature Permitting: These are permits related to activities in Protected Sites, activities on protected species and access to genetic information of species. These permits are issued as GBRs and full Nature Permits(NPs); and
  3. Waste Management Permitting: Includes a number of permits and notifications dealing with movements of waste and registrations of schemes on waste management.

All applications for an Environmental Permit are duly processed in accordance to internal procedures that ascertain a quality and timely service to the applicants. The Authority undertakes a dialogue-based process with applicants, who are able to participate in the course of application assessment and have continuous opportunities to discuss with the Authority any operational concerns and limitations of the activity subject to an Environmental Permit Application, with the exception of instances where the Authority deems that the proposed activities do not allow for such a dialogue. The Authority’s decisions are communicated with applicants in writing and are appealable before the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal. ​