Gasparell Baling Plant

Application for Renewal and Variation of IPPC Permit – Gasparell Baling Ltd.

​​Permit Number IP 0004/12/B - Gasparel Baling Ltd.
Post Decision Requirements Post Decision Requirements letter
​EPD Report IP 0004/12 - EPD Report
Proposal ​Request for Renewal and Variation of IPPC Permit for Gasparell Baling Ltd.
Location​ ​​HHF 601, Hal Far Industrial Estate, Hal Far
Activity​ ​Operation of a waste recycling facility comprising a baling plant and an end of life vehicle facility
Applicant's request for renewal
Form A
Form A – supporting documentation IP 0004/12/A
Form C
Form C – supporting ​documentation 1.​2 - Non-technical description
1.3 - Proposed Changes
1.4.1 - Site Report
1.4.2 - Site Plan
1.4.3. - Site Layout Plan
2.2.1 - Change in Activities
2.2.4 - BAT Conclusions
2.3 - Raw Materials
2.8 - Risk Assessment
3.1 - Waste
3.1.2 - Waste Management
3.3.1 - Emissions to sewer
3.11 - Emissions and Waste Summary
7.1 - Application PA 3240_5
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IPPC permi​​t

 IP 0004/12/A



IPPC application 

 Form A and supporting documents


 Form A


 Site plan


 Company registration




 Form B and supporting documents


 Form B


 B1.2: Non-technical description


 B1.4.1: Site history


 B1.4.2: Site plan


 B1.4.3: Site layout plans (1), (2)


 B2.1: Environmental management system


 B2.2: Raw materials


 B2.3: Proposed activities


 B2.3: Refrigerant removal equipment


 B2.4: Maintenance


 B2.5.1: Energy


 B2.5.2: Energy


 B2.6: Water


 B2.7: Risk assessment


 B2.7: ELV equipment


 B2.7: Abatement measures (spillage, fire)


 B2.7: Pipework and undergound structures


 B2.7: Underground fuel leakage emergency plan


 B2.7: Emergency fire plan


 B2.8: Training


 B2.9: Cessation


 B3.1: Waste


 B3.3.1: Emissions to sewer


 B3.3.2: Sewer discharge permit application


 B3.5: Emissions to air


 B3.7: Noise


 B3.8: Monitoring


 B3.9: Summary


 B4: Impact on environment​


 B5: EIS Vol (1), (2), (3), (4)


 B8.1: Planning application


 B10: Expenditure





 Correspondence with MEPA


 Response to 1st review


 Response to 2nd review


 Response to 3rd review​