Marine Discharges

Discharge Permits

All effluents discharged to the marine environment require an environmental permit, which contains emission limit values for substances discharged into the water and all other environmental requirements, thus ensuring an integrated approach. Such an environmental permit will simplify regulation of activities since a site will only require one environmental permit (as opposed to many permits for different purposes).

Consents for discharges into the marine environment are required in order to regulate the quality of the discharges and enable protection of this environment. Moreover, knowing what is being discharged will enable the Authority to set up an inventory of discharges which is required under European legislation.

If your installation requires an environmental permit you are required to down​load the following form (EN | MT). Within each section of the application form you will find guidance on how to compile each section.

Completed application forms are to be sent to:

Environment and Resources Authority
Environmental Permitting
Hexagon House, 
Spencer Hill, 
Marsa MRS1441

The following activites have been identified as requiring an environmental permit due to discharges to the marine environment:

• Shipyards
• Desalination plants (including privately owned)
• Sewage treatment plants
• Hotels with brine rejects and/or swimming pool discharges
• Land-based fishfarming and aquaculture activities
• Oil and fuel terminals
• Any other direct discharges into the marine environment​​