Compliance and Enforcement Unit

The environment in its multi-faceted nature, is protected through various national and international laws and regulations.  One of the main challenges facing any regulator is to limit the gap between such legislation and practice  as much as possible. This is the end goal of compliance and enforcement actions, and within the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA), responsibility for such actions shall be the main function of the Compliance and Enforcement Unit. 

The Compliance and Enforcement Unit shall be responsible for monitoring aspects that are regulated by the Authority, promoting compliance with requirements, and subsequently even resorting to enforcement where this becomes necessary.  Apart from such compliance monitoring, this Unit shall also be responsible for the routine monitoring of certain environmental elements and indicators.

The Compliance and Enforcement Unit's present remit is to secure compliance with nature and biodiversity regulations, such as the Trade in Endangered Species including CITES, the protection of trees within the Maltese Islands, and compliance with legislation aimed at safeguarding protected flora and fauna and special areas of conservation.  With regard to this remit, the Unit operates an after-hours service for emergency cases that occur after 4pm or during weekends and public holidays.  This telephone number is 2292 3500.

Many activities governed by these regulations require some form of pre-authorization issued by the ERA in order to ensure that no harm is inflicted on the environment or on the species concerned. Such authorizations typically incorporate a series of conditions that have to be complied with, and it is this Unit's responsibility to monitor such activities to ensure both that any authorizations required by law are in place and also to secure compliance with said conditions.

Effective compliance with and enforcement of environmental legislation and requirements are essential for a healthy environment that can be safeguarded sustainably for generations to come.

Principal consolidated Regulations:

Regulations concerning Trade in Endangered Species

Council regulation (EC) on the Protection of Species of Wild Fauna and Flora by Regulating Trade Therein

Trees and Woodlands Protection Regulations

Flora, Fauna and Natural Habitats Protection Regulations