National Environmental Policies

One of the ways with which ERA protects and manages the environment is through the formulation and implementation of national policies.

Plans or policies serve as a framework to guide environmental protection initiatives and are often developed to support legislation. These include Strategies, Plans, Programmes and Guidance Documents. The policy development process provides the public with a number of opportunities to review and provide feedback on draft plans or policies which are being developed. Policies for public consultation may be found here, while archived public consultations may be found here. Having your say in the development of environmental policies is your right​ and helps ERA make better policy. We also regularly survey our stakeholders' attitude​ towards the environment, so as to remain in touch with their views.

Below is a list of national policy documents developed and carried forward by ERA, as well as those still under development.

​Theme ​Title ​Approval Date​
​Air Qu​ality ​ ​Air Quality Plan for the Maltese Islands ​January 2010
National Air Pollution Control Programme (NAPCP)​​ ​March 2020
​​​Biodiversity & Nature​ ​ ​ ​ Malta National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan 2012 - 2020 ​December 2012
Management Plans for Terrestrial Natura 2000 Sites in Malta & Gozo ​March 2017
Guidelines on Works involving Trees​ ​January 2019
​Investing in the Multi-Functionality of Green Infrastructure (GI) -
An Information Document to support GI Thinking in Malta
​January 2019
​National Strategy for Preventing and Mitigating the Impact of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) in the Maltese Islands​ ​June 2020
Action Plan Addressing Escape from Confinement of Invasive
Alien Species (IAS) of Union Concern (Pets, Aquaria and
Terrarium species)​
​June 2020
​​Environmental Noise​ ​ Noise Action Plan​ ​January 2013
​Updated Noise Action Plan​
​​Water ​ ​ ​The Water Catchment Management Plan for the Maltese Islands ​March 2011
​​The 2nd Water Catchment Management Plan for the Malta
Water Catchment District 2015 - 2021
​April 2016
Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2008/56/EC): Malta's Programme of Measures Summary Report ​April 2017
​Waste Management ​ Waste Management Plan for the Maltese Islands, A Resource Management Approach, 2014 - 2020 (MSDEC)​ ​January 2014
​Terms of Reference for the Management and Disposal of
Dredged Material 

​November 2018
Construction and Demolition Waste Strategy for Malta, 2020-2025, Managing Construction & Demolition Resources​
Single-Use Plastic Products Strategy for Malta 2020 - 2030​
​Other Operating Procedures on Beach Cleaning ​July 2017