Nature Permits

In order to safeguard natural heritage, a number of species of flora and fauna and a number of sites are afforded varying degrees of protection through national and international legislation. Certain interventions on these species and sites would require a permit to be carried out. In addition importation, exportation or movements of such species would also require a permit or clearance, especially if species are CITES listed or invasive. 

In view of this, a permitting system is in place in relation to protected areas and protected species, protection of trees as well as in relation to trade of species (including CITES) and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

 Nature Permitting​


Tree Permitting ​


Importation of Species and  CITES​ Permitting


For further information on the different types of permits, kindly refer to the page different pages above or contact the Environment Permitting Services on or phone 2292 3500 during office hours.