Pending Quarry Applications

The disposal of inert waste generated by the construction industry in depleted quarries is regulated under Subsidiary Legislation 549.50 and Subsidiary Legislation 549.63. Prior to this legislation, a number of quarries were permitted for backfilling operations pursuant to Subsidiary Legislation 549.07, whereby clean inert waste is recycled and/or backfilled. The waste that is authorised to enter at these sites is solely restricted to the following:

  1. Excavation Waste - Waste that originates from rock excavation. This waste should be free of soil, trees, shrubs or any other agricultural content.

  2. Construction & Demolition Waste - Waste that originates from the construction & demolition of structures. This waste is to consist of stone slabs and concrete planks or concrete beams only and should not contain any other waste type such as aluminium, wood or iron apertures, pieces of clothing, furniture, household goods, mattresses or any other waste.

Should you require further information on the permitting of quarry facilities, contact the Environmental Permitting Unit on or Telephone No 22923500.


Pending Quarry Applications

​EP ​Number ​Applicant ​Site Address ​Location ​Site Operations

Mr. Raymond Gatt
​Quarry HG10, Ta' Ghar id-dar, Qala, Gozo
Extraction, crushing and stockpiling of inert material
EP 0015/09
Mr. Julian Vella
Quarry HM31, Ta' Dmejrek, l/o Dingli
Extraction, recycling of hardstone and stockpiling of inert ​material
EP 0018/09
Mr. Paul Polidano
Quarry HM33, Ghar Lapsi Road, Siggiewi
Extraction, crushing, stockpiling of inert material and operation of a batching plant.

EP 0019/09
Mr. Paul Polidano
Quarry HM04, Ta' Dmejrek, l/o Dingli
Backfilling, extraction, crushing and stockpiling of inert material.

EP 0047/09
Mr. Mark Aquilina
Quarry HM3, Wied Incita, Attard
Quarry HM12, Wied Incita, Attard
Backfilling, extraction, crushng and stockpiling

EP 003/11
Mr. Joseph Zammit
​Quarry SG07, Tal-Misrah, San Lawrenz, Gozo
San Lawrenz
Backfilling and extraction of inert material

EP 0020/11
Mr. Stephen Azzopardi
Quarry SG08, Ta' Tuta, l/o San Lawrenz, Gozo
San Lawrenz
Extraction of softstone
EP 0030/11​
Mr. Carmel Cauchi ​Quarry SG01, Tal-Qattara, Triq Tal-Misrah, Kercem, Gozo ​Kercem ​Extraction of softstone
9​ ​EP 0031/11 ​Mr. John Ghigo ​Quarry SM31, Ta' L-Isqof, l/o Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Extraction of softstone

EP 0032/11
Mr. Alex Ghigo
Quarry SM19, Ta' L-Isqof, l/o Mqabba
Extraction of softsone

EP 0033/11
Mr. Paul Falzon
​Quarry HM32, Triq Santa Katarina,        l/o Rabat
​Accepting of inert material and C&D waste, crushing and distribution to local construction plants

EP 0035/11
Mr. Paul Vella
Quarry HM15, Wied Filep, l/o Naxxar
Extraction of hardstone and backfilling of quarry
​13 ​EP 0036/11 ​Mr. Paul Vella ​Quarry HM22, Wied Filep, l/o Naxxar ​Naxxar ​Extraction of hardstone
​14 ​EP 0041/11 ​Mr. Joseph Bonello ​Quarry SM83, Tas-Sinjura, Siggiewi, l/o Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Extraction of softstone and operation of a batching plant
15 ​EP 0043/11 ​Mr. Joseph Mangion ​Quarry SM07, Tas-Sejba, l/o Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Backfilling of quarry
​16 ​EP 0049/11 ​Mr. Mark Bonello ​Quarry SM09a, Tal-Harruba, l/o Siggiewi ​Siggiewi ​Extraction of softstone
​17 ​EP 0001/12 ​Mr. Nazzarenu (Leslie) Sammut ​Quarry SM10, Tal-Balal,  l/o Gharghur ​Gharghur ​Extraction and crushing of softstone
​18 ​EP 0002/12 ​Mr. Nicholas Farrugia ​Quarry SM50, Ta Ghadajma, l/o Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Extraction of softstone
​19 ​EP 0007/12 ​Mr. Gaetano Abdilla ​Quarry HM04, Ta' Zuta,  l/o Dingli ​Dingli ​Extraction of hardstone
​20 ​EP 0008/12 Mr. Emanuel Abdilla ​Quarry​ HM01, Ta' Zuta,  l/o Dingli ​Dingli ​Extracti​on and recycling of hardstone
​21 ​EP 0009/12 ​Mr. Gae​tano Abdilla ​Quarry HM30, Ta' Zuta, l/o Dingli ​Dingli ​Extraction and recycling of hardstone
​22 ​EP 0030/12 ​Mr. Joseph A​ttard ​Quarry SG04,​ Triq Wied Merill, l/o San Lawrenz, Gozo ​San Lawrenz ​Extraction and crushing of softstone
​23 ​EP 0032/12 ​Mr. Nazzareno Scicluna ​Quarry SM29, Valletta Road, l/o Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Recycling of inert waste and operation of a ready mix plant
​24 ​EP 0034/12 ​Mr. Carmel and Joseph Farrugia ​Quarry SM22, Xaghri Imqalleb, l/o Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Extraction of softsone
​25 ​EP 0035/12 ​Mr. Carmel and Joseph Farrugia ​Quarry (Ex) SM22, Tas-Sejba, l/o Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Backfilling of quarry
​26 ​EP 003​6/12 ​Mr. Joseph Camilleri ​Quarry HM26A, Triq Wied Ganu, l/o Zurrieq ​Zurrieq ​Extraction of hardstone
​27 ​EP 0037/12 ​Mr. Joseph Mifsud ​Quarry SM34, Valletta Road, l/o Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Extraction of softstone
​28 ​EP 0039/12 ​Mrs. Maria Bonello ​Quarry SM08, Tal-Harruba, l/o Siggiewi ​Siggiewi ​Extraction of softstone
​29 ​EP 0042/12 ​Mr. Carmelo Vella ​Quarry SM37, Tat-Tabib, l/o Xwieki ​Xwieki ​Extraction of softstone
​30 ​EP 0043/12 ​Mr. Raymond Cefai ​Quarry SG06, Ta' Wied Merill, l/o San Lawrenz, Gozo ​San Lawrenz ​Backfilling ​of quarry
​31 ​EP 0012/13 ​Ms. Carmena Cilia ​Quarry SM18, Tal-Gharix, l/o Qrendi ​Siggiewi ​Extraction of softstone
​32 ​EP 0020/13 ​Mr. Emanuel Mifsud ​Quarry SM52, Tal-Hagra, Triq is-Sejba, Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Backfilling of quarry
​33 ​EP 0048/14 ​Mr. Angelo Deguara ​SM13, Tat-Tabib, Iklin ​Iklin ​Backfilling of quarry
​34 ​EP 0068/19 ​Mr. Emanuel Psaila ​Quarries SM48 and SM 38, Mqabba ​Mqabba ​To reactivate quarrying operations at SM48 and backfill inert material at SM38
​35 ​EP0052/17 ​Mr Roderick Cassar ​SM 69, Tax-Xantin, Mqabba ​Mqabba ​Extraction of softstone and backfilling of quarry
​36 EP 0011/18​ Mr. Carmel Mifsud​ ​Quarry SM 42, Piccolo Feudo, Kontrada tad-dawl, Ta' Ghadajma, Mqabba​ ​Mqabba Extraction, crushing and backfilling of quarry​
37 ​EP 0026/18 ​Mr. Carmel Ellul Disused Quarry at Wie​d Costa ​Mqabba ​​To backfill quarry with clean inert waste after land contamination testing
38 ​EP 0037/18 Mr. Dennis Baldacchino obo    Tal-Maghtab Construction Ltd.​ ​Disused Quarry, Triq San Gwann,  Gharghur​ Restoration of quarry with  inert waste​
​39 ​EP 0025/19 ​Francesco Schembri obo Hal Far Quarries Ltd ​HM18, Wied Moqbol ​Hal Far Extraction, crushing and backfilling of quarry​​
​40 ​EP 0033/19 ​Rennie Scicluna obo R Scicluna Ltd ​SM29, Valletta Road ​Mqabba ​​Batching Plant, crushing and backfilling of quarry
​41 EP​ 0024/20 Gordon Bonavia obo Bonavia Waste & Recycle Ltd.​ SM30, Valletta Road​ ​Mqabba ​Backfilling of Quarry
​ ​
Pending Recycling Applications
​EP Number ​Applicant ​Address ​Location ​Activity
​1 ​EP 0047/15 ​Mr. Robert Micallef ​Site at Ta L-Ibragg, off Triq Ta' L-Ibragg, Gharghur ​Gharghur ​Recycling of construction and demolition waste
2 EP 0038/17​ Mr. Emanuel Bonavia Bonavia Bros Ltd., Site at Triq Wied Filep, Naxxar Naxxar Recycling of construction and demolition waste