State of the Environment Indicators 2006

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Welcome to the 2006 State of the Environment Indicators, which update the set of indicators that were published with the 2005 State of the Environment Report. The objective of these indicators is to provide timely information on key environmental trends to policymakers, organisations and the public in an active, user-friendly and systematic way.
This year the indicators are once again accompanied by a smiley, neutral or sad face. Two criteria have been used for awarding smileys, related both to the overall dimensions of the problem and the recent trend. For example, while a smiley has been awarded where there is a positive trend, if there is a small positive change in the trend but the overall issue remains a matter of concern, a smiley has not been awarded.
The 2006 State of the Environment Indicators have been compiled by MEPA in partnership with the National Statistics Office, and draw upon environmental monitoring programmes carried out by numerous government agencies including the Malta Resources Authority and the Department of Public Health, as well as other sources.
If you have any feedback or queries regarding this publication, please contact ERA on 2292 3500 or As with last year, this website contains not only the booklet of indicators, but also the related datasheets and maps. These products are also available on CD.