State of the Environment Report 2005

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Welcome to the 2005 State of the Environment Report (SOER). The aim of this Report is to support progress towards sustainable development by providing credible environmental information to policy makers, organisations and the general public. It should also provide guidance for the development of new policy directions and help identify investment requirements.
Due to the increasingly sophisticated environmental policy in force in Malta following institutional strengthening and EU accession, and the increasing amounts of environmental information being collected, a new approach has been adopted for the 2005 SOER. This approach seeks to provide information that is more policy-oriented, and focused on key trends in a way that is easily comprehensible to a wide range of audiences.
This website includes and complements the 2005 Report, since it contains all the publications related to the Report. It provides copies of the various Sub-reports that were the building blocks of the individual SOER chapters, as well as indicators, datasheets, background reports and related documents. The rationale here is that this information needs to be available in an easy-to-use format for readers interested in 'digging down' more deeply into the report's findings. The 2005 SOER has been compiled by MEPA in partnership with the National Statistics Office (NSO), and draws upon detailed information sources including the environmental monitoring programmes carried out by numerous government agencies including the Malta Resources Authority and the Department of Public Health.