The Environment Integration Process

Through the Environment Policy Integration (EPI) process, ERA contributes the environmental dimension to national policy making. In this manner, environmental aspects arising from environmental policy and principles are weaved into sector specific plans, policies, strategies and regulations in its progress towards sustainable development.

To achieve this, ERA incorporates a number of environmental concepts into national sectoral policy; to minimize the negative impact these policies may have on the environment, while moulding their outputs to respect sound environmental principles. Specific concepts that are integrated include reducing air pollution from traffic, augmenting appropriate waste management, addressing biodiversity loss and drawing attention to environment assessment and permitting requirements. In the process, ERA boosts knowledge of its own environmental plans, policies and strategies.
EPI is seen as one of the ways in which long term policy visions and objectives are to be reached. The 7th Environment Action Programme emphasises that such integration of the environment in sectoral policy can reduce the negative pressure that new policies may have on the environment and help meet challenging environment related targets.