The Environment Report 2008

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Welcome to the 2008 Environment Report. This report builds on the tradition of quality environmental reporting found in past editions of the State of the Environment Report in 2005, 2002 and 1998. The 2008 report has been branded to ensure that the tradition of making environmental information ever more accessible to policymakers and the public is kept up, in line with Malta’s legal obligations under the Environment Protection Act, the Aarhus Convention and related EU Directives.
The Environment Report aims to communicate key environmental issues and trends to policymakers and civil society in a clear and concise way. Its seeks to increase awareness and understanding of key environmental trends, to provide a sound evidence base for policy and decision-making, and to facilitate the measurement of environmental performance and progress towards sustainability. The Report is accompanied by a booklet of key environmental indicators, and any readers interested in ‘digging down’ to find more information and resources will find all the relevant documents including the report, the indicators booklet, the Sub-reports, background reports, and key datasheets and maps used in the writing of the report on this website.

This year, the Environment Report takes a broader approach to analysing the environment sector, while retaining the basic structure of the Report. The Report provides a better understanding of the key policies and legislative instruments in each field. It also  includes a chapter on the relationship between the environment and economic activity, as well as a chapter on environmental health. In this way the Report explores more closely how environmental issues impact our daily lives in terms of health and the economy.
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