​The Environment Report Indicators 2010-2011

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Welcome to The Environmental Report Indicators 2010-2011, which track progress on recent trends related to the Maltese environment.  This is the 6th annual publication of its kind. The booklet aims to provide easy access to environmental information for policy-makers, organisations and the general public, complementing the state of the environment report, which is published every 3 years. This booklet updates the last booklet published in 2011, which reflected the situation in 2009. This year, we are publishing data on the basis of ‘latest available data’, so in many cases the 2009 data is updated with data from 2011, and a comparison is made with the previous year, as in past publications.
In order to help readers track progress easily, each indicator is accompanied by a smiley, neutral or sad face. Indicators are awarded a smiley (or not) depending on 2 criteria: the overall dimension of the environmental problem, as well as the trend. Thus, an indicator is awarded a smiley if an improvement was registered and the recent trend is positive. On the other hand, an indicator is awarded a neutral or sad face where there was no improvement or where the recent trend was negative.
This environmental indicators booklet is published by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority in partnership with the National Statistics Office, and is based on datasets from across the Maltese Government and other organisations.
For more information, send an e-mail on info@era.org.mt.
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