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Waste Management FAQ's

Waste Brokers that carry out waste brokerage activities within the Maltese Islands are required to be registered with the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) to keep carrying out their activities. This registration process is carried out in compliance with the Waste Management (Activity Registration) Regulations, 2007 (Subsidiary Legislation 549.45). Waste brokers include those individuals or organizations which undertake arrangements for the collection, recovery, recycling or disposal of waste on behalf of others including brokers who do not necessarily take physical possession of the waste.

The registration of such waste brokers commenced on the 15th May 2009, with the aim of ensuring that all waste brokerage activities are carried out adequately and in line with legal obligations, with the aim of safeguarding both human health and the environment. Registered waste brokers are being issued with a registration confirmation document valid for a maximum period of one year. Registration is renewable annually upon application with ERA. 

Any unregistered waste brokers performing waste brokerage activities are subject to legal action without further notice. Only registered waste brokers will be allowed to carry out brokerage activities (including export of waste) subject to the conditions specified in their registration.

As part of their registration, brokers are issued with a set of conditions to be adhered to. These measures that tie in with the regulations introduced in August 2008 for the licensing of waste carriers (vessels or vehicles) will help minimise and reduce the adverse impacts these waste management activities have on the environment, whilst allowing economic development and improvements in the quality of life. All in all these ERA measures contribute towards a cleaner, less wasteful and more sustainable society.

In order to apply for a waste broker registration, download one of the forms below, either for individuals or companies registered in Malta or registered abroad. The application form is to be accompanied by a number of documents as per below:

All applications:

  • A general description of the brokerage activity carried out
  • Details of person and/or company under which the application is being made
  • A true copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company
  • Copy of Maltese ID card (if Maltese National)
  • Copy of Passport (if not a Maltese National)
  • Copy of Maltese working permit (if not an EU National).
Additional information required by brokers based in a foreign country:​
  • ​​A true copy of the waste broker permit issued by the national competent authority (in original Language) of the country
  • An English translation of the waste broker permit issued by the national competent authority;
  • An English translation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the  company;
  • In the case that a Maltese company is legally representing the broker company in Malta, a true copy of the Maltese company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.​
Registration and Renewal Forms
​​​Application for a Waste Broker based in the Maltese Islands Registrati​on Form EN | MT
Renew​al Form EN | MT
​Application for a Waste Broker based in a foreign country Registration Form​ EN | MT Renewal Form EN | MT

Authorised Waste Brokers

For a full list of approved Waste Brokers kindly click here​​

For appointments and further information the public is requested to call on the following telephone number: 2292 3500. or on e-mail: waste.brokers@era.org.mt​