The Waste Framework Directive, as transposed locally by Legal Notice 184 of 2010, obliges operators of waste management facilities and other operators that engage in waste management activities to be permitted by the Competent Authority. This section of the website provides information on the various types of facilities and other activities that are already permitted by ERA for carrying out waste management activities. Information provided in this section includes information about registered waste carriers and brokers, operators permitted to transfer hazardous waste locally and also overseas (transfrontier shipment), authorised facilities, and also companies permitted to dispose of clean inert material at sea.

Qualifications of personnel:

Subsidiary Legislation 549.63 - the Waste Regulations as published by Legal Notice 184 of 2011 requires through Sub-regulation 1 of Regulation 20 that “any person who collects or transports waste on a professional basis, dealers, brokers and waste treatment operators shall possess the minimum qualification requirements as defined by the Competent Authority. These minimum qualification requirements will take the form of a course with a duration and curriculum approved by the competent authority. The competent authority shall only accept certification by recognised training agencies institutions”.

Currently MCAST are holding such courses. The following are eligibility requirements inorder to renew licence/registration.

Eligibility Requirements to request an exemption from the MCAST waste course in order to renew licence/registration

These requirements may be amended from time to time as deemed necessary, and would be applicable with immediate effect.