State of the Environment Reporting

​Regular state of the environment reports have been published as part of a commitment towards providing environmental information in a form that is easily accessible and user-friendly. These reports are also available online. The Environment Protection Act obliges the competent authority, ERA, to publish a state of the environment report every four years. Supplimenting this obligation is the publishing of annual updates of key environmental indicators used in the report. It is hoped that through this initiative, policymakers, opinion leaders, and members of the public will be able to keep abreast of environmental trends, while having access to more long-term, detailed information and analysis in the state of the environment reports.

The Environment Report Indicators 2010-2011

The Environment Report Indicators 2009

The Environment Report 2008

State of Environment Indicators 2007

State of Environment Indicators 2006

State of the Environment Report 2005

State of the Environment Report 2002

State of the Environment Report 1998​