MARINE PROTECTED AREAS: Initiatives and Opportunities



Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Malta, Golden Sands
31 May 2017


Efforts are being made on a national, regional and global scale in relation to the protection of the marine environment in line with the requirements of Aichi Target 11 and Resolution 50 from the IUCN World Conservation Congress (Hawaii, 2016). 

Meanwhile, following the recent results of the fitness check of the EU Nature Directives, the need for substantial improvement in the implementation of these Directives has been flagged as being of crucial focus during the coming years. Such implementation presents substantial challenges in the marine environment, including amongst others the spread of, and impacts caused by, invasive alien species. 

It is pertinent to mention that since 2016, Malta’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have covered 30% of its Fisheries Management Zone – this is a major achievement for Malta that showcases the significant progress made in 2016.


This timely event will occur directly after the end of the Nature and Biodiversity Directors Meeting organised by the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the EU.

The aim of the event is to provide information and a discussion forum to exchange best practices, case studies, and views on the opportunities offered by Marine Protected Areas in addressing the challenges of a changing biodiversity. This will be achieved through the sharing of views and development of outcomes with the audience, including policy and decision-makers at EU and national levels, and with stakeholders involved in nature and biodiversity policy-making. 

Workshop is being organised by the Environment & Resources Authority, in collaboration with the IUCN European Regional Office 

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Registration for this workshop is open until the 17th of May 2017. 


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