This project initiated the implementation of sustained environmental monitoring in marine waters with the aim to assess the state of Malta’s marine waters on a continuous basis and address current knowledge gaps. The project collated data on activities taking place in the marine environment in order to provide a sound knowledge base for effective management of anthropogenic activities and work towards the achievement of Good Environmental Status in marine waters. The project was 75% co-financed by the EU EMFF (The European Maritime and Fisheries Fund) Funding Programme.

Description of activities

Activity 1 – Implementation and updating of the monitoring programme to ensure long-term feasibility of the monitoring processes.

Activity 2- Development of a marine database system to ensure access to data to all relevant stakeholders with a view to facilitate management of the marine environment across sectors.

Activity 3 – Analysis of monitoring data, assessment of environmental status and proposals of environmental targets throughout the duration of the project with a view to bridge monitoring data with management regimes.

Activity 4 –Information and Publicity to develop and implement a communication strategy to target the dissemination of information on the status of the marine environment on the basis of monitoring data (Activity 3) and the marine database system (Activity 2).

Project Details

PROJECT TITLE Marine environmental monitoring: towards effective management of Malta’s marine waters
DURATION Q1 2017 – Q1 2020
TOTAL BUDGET €1,600,000
EU CONTRIBUTION €1,200,000 (75% EU Funds)


LEAD Environment and Resources Authority

More information on the EMFF OP can be found here.