Green Infrastructure

The intention is to create a garden which shall be a model for other National gardens that provides a pleasant refuge from the highly polluted and urbanized environment that is surrounding the garden. People making use of Spencer garden shall enjoy a tranquil atmosphere that is both safe and easily accessible. The landscape along the edges bordering the garden, which shall be provided through various features including thematic gardens, a nursery and elevated structures to enable a varied topography. Together with sound barriers these features will also act a soothing buffer for sound to aid garden users to detach from the hectic surrounding area. The current works will also reduce the number of concreated areas and provide adequate porous material to allow for the percolation of water and minerals and the growth of wild plants to promote pollinators.

Education & PR Communication

Trees shall be supplemented with awareness panels to educate visitors including children. A propagation nursery area is also being included as part of the plan for the garden for educational campaign purposes. This area shall be surrounded by a fence and shall be designed in a way to attract and educate people from different age groups and backgrounds. The history of the garden and information about the original formal features garden may also be communicated across the garden.

Better use of urban space concept

Spencer Garden will act as one of the green hubs in the highly urbanized southern harbor area. The site is currently under construction, and it is expected to be ready by 2024. The main intent of the refurbishment shall create an oasis in this heavily urbanized and industrial area that is easily accessible for Marsa residents and workers in the area alike, acting also as a project with social benefits. The site will also allow various social activities and will provide the comfort of free Wi-fi and pleasing environment for one to relax in an otherwise urbanised context.