Following the 19th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties in November 2022, the species below have been included in Appendix I of the CITES Convention and Annex A of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations.

Species up-listed to Appendix I/ Annex A
Scientific NameCommon NameDistinguishing featuresPhotoImplementation Period from COP
Pycnonotus zeylanicusStraw-headed bulbul- size c. 29 cm;
- yellow crown and black line stripped across the eyes from the mouth edge;
-colourful line down to the side of the neck.
12 months
Tiliqua adelaidensisPygmy Bluetongue lizard- less than 20 cm;
-limbs and tail with scattered darker spots and blotches mixed with paler scales, a white/cream belly, scales with pale brown margins, and short limbs.
90 days
Batagur kachugaRed-crowned roofed turtle- Freshwater turtle;
- Six distinct bright red stripes on the head during the breeding season;
- Obtuse and moderately prominent snout.
90 days
Cuora galbinifronsIndochinese box turtle- Head colouration showing mixed black, orange, yellow, pink and white patterns. 90 days
Kinosternon coraCora Mud turtle- Reduced and weakly movable plastron;
- Larger and darker than K. vogti.
90 days
Kinosternon vogtiMud turtles- Smaller body size compared to the other species in the genus;
- Yellow rostral shield in males.
90 days
Nilssonia leithiiLeith's softshell turtle- Longer and pointed snout;
- Characteristic red marked head.
90 days

Trade of these specimens (whole, live or dead, parts and derivatives) now requires Article 10 Certificates in EU countries as well as CITES Import and Export Permits in case of trade with non-EU countries.

In case of possession of any of the species in Table 1,  register them with the ERA by 28th February by completing the simple form at the following link. Following the 28th February, trade in these species needs to be accompanied by CITES permits.

Think ahead- If you don’t register these species, you cannot trade them or their offspring!

Other species have been listed in Appendix II/ Annex B – Trade of specimens of species up-listed in Table 2 now requires  proof of legal acquisition in case of Import and Export. You do not need to register them with ERA.

Species uplisted to Appendix II/ Annex B
Scientific NameCommon NamePhotoNotes
Cynomys mexicanusMexican Prairie DogDownlisted from Appendix I
Branta hutchinsii leucopareiraAleutian Cackling gooseDownlisted from Appendix I
Kittacincla malabaricaWhite-rumped shama
Phoebastria albatrusShort-tailed albatrossDownlisted from Appendix I
Physignathus cocincinus(Chinese) Water dragon
Cyrtodactylus jeyporensisJeypore hill gecko
Tarentola chazaliaeHelmethead gecko
Phrynosoma spp.Horned lizardsAll family listed
Epicrates inornatusPuerto Rican BoaDownlisted from Appendix I
Chelus fimbriataAmazon matamata turtle
Chelus orinocensisOrinoco matamata turtle
Macrochelys temminckii
Alligator snapping turtle
Chelydra serpentinaCommon snapping turtle
Graptemys barbouri, G. ernesti, G. gibbonsi, G. pearlensis, G. pulchra

Broad headed map turtles
Rhinoclemmys spp.Neotropical wood turtles
All family listed
Claudius angustatus
Narrow bridged musk turtle
Kinosternon spp.
Mud turtles
All family except those in Appendix I
Staurotypus triporcatus
Mexican Musk turtle
Staurotypus salvinii
Giant musk turtle
Sternotherus spp.Musk turtles
All family listed
Apalone spp.
American softshell turtles
All family except those in Appendix I
Glass frogs
All family listed
Agalychnis lemur
Lemur frog
Zero export quota from the wild
Laotriton laoensis
Laos warty newt
Zero export quota from the wild
Requiem sharks
All family listed
Sphyrnidae spp.
Hammer-head sharks
All family listed
Potamotrygon albimaculata, P. henlei, P. jabuti, P. leopoldi, P. marquesi, P. signati, P. wallacei,Fresh water stingrays
Hypancistrus zebra
Zebra plecoZero export quota from the wild
RhinobatidaeGuitarfishesAll family listed
Thelenota spp.Sea cucumbersAll family listed. Delayed implementation 18 months
Handroanthus spp., Tabebuia spp., Roseodendron spp.Trumpet treesAll family listed. Delayed implementation 24 months
Rhodiola spp.RhodiolaAll family listed
Afzelia spp.Pod mahoganyAll family listed
Pterocarpus spp.African rosewoodAll African populations of all family listed
Khaya spp.African mahoganyAll family listed
How to apply for Registration

1.      For every specimen, make sure to have the necessary proof of legal acquisition dating (such as an receipt) before entry into force of the regulation;

2.      Make sure that specimen/s are uniquely marked in one of the following ways:

a.      By using ISO Standard unalterable microchips (in case of reptiles, and mammals or any avifauna which is not marked by a closed ring);  or

b.      uniquely marked seamless closed-rings (in case of avifauna). Avifauna already marked by a uniquely marked seamless closed-ring, do not requre to be microchipped.

3.      Download the registration form from the link;

4.      Infill the form providing the proof of legal acquisition and photos of the specimens. In case of avifauna, photos of the ring is to be shown;

5.      Submit the form to ERA through the postal address, email or by hand.

ERA shall issue a letter registering the specimen accordingly, which may follow by an inspection of the specimen.