Citizen Science

Citizen Science actively involves the public in scientific research, generating new knowledge and understanding. It gives the opportunity to all members of society to actively engage in research, innovation and the development of evidence-based policy, at local, national and EU levels; but just as importantly, it promotes citizen education, empowerment, health and wellbeing.

Citizen science can encourage people of all ages to get out into nature and can contribute to an increased sense of community. Citizens can volunteer to collect scientific data on a variety of environmental topics, covering areas as diverse as water quality, air quality and protected species. You can find out more below about citizen science initiatives supported by the Environment & Resources Authority.

Ongoing ERA Citizen Science Initiatives

Marine & Beach Litter Sightings

Marine & Beach Litter Sightings

Sharing information on marine and beach littering

Environmental volunteer activists cleaning sea beach. Vector illustration

Marine & Beach Clean-Ups

Digital survey sheet to record information on litter collected during a clean-up event

Completed ERA Citizen Science Initiatives

Fair with Air – Citizen Science Project

ERA has conducted the ‘Fair with Air’ Citizen Science Project, through a collaboration agreement between the Authority and the Fondazzjoni Kreattività.

The focus of this project ‘CleanAir@School’ was to promote citizen science as a tool for monitoring of NO2 around schools and to raise awareness on the importance of air quality and sustainable mobility options for students. Twenty-five schools across Malta and Gozo participated in the project. This project was identified as best practice by the European Environment Agency.