Malta Pollinator Monitoring Scheme – Call for Citizen Scientists

Join us in monitoring the buzz and become a Citizen Scientist by participating in the Malta Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (MPOMS)!

After the successful MPOMS project held in 2023, ERA will be once again launching the Malta Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (MPOMS), and is planning on conducting the identification sessions and site visits between May and October, 2024.

You are being invited to participate in this project as a Citizen Scientist where you will be able to monitor bees, butterflies and hoverflies on the field, and learn how to identify them through the MPOMS-ID Club.

Citizen Scientists will be offered training by experts in the field. There is no need to have any background knowledge or experience in this topic – everyone is welcome to join, no matter your age, studies or profession!

The field surveys and the MPOMS-ID Club sessions shall take place at least once per month and you are free to attend all the sessions or a portion of them. During all these activities, you will be accompanied and guided by experts or experienced personnel.

Your contribution will be highly valued. During this project, participants will be provided with opportunities to input their feedback on how to improve the MPOMS in the long term.

Benefits of participating in this project include:

  • Improving your knowledge on pollinators and their taxonomy
  • Making connections with peers that have similar interests
  • Working directly with experts
  • Contributing to the establishment of the MPOMS in the long term
  • Supporting the development of national pollinators records
  • Receiving an acknowledgement of your contribution as a Citizen Scientist and enhancing your CV