Reference NumberTitleSubmission DeadlineLink
SPD8/2021/056Tender for the provision of a technical study on the hydrological regime within il-Ballut ta' Marsaxlokk15/07/2021View Details
SPD8/2021/017 Tender for the Supply and Analysis of Passive Samplers for Airborne Particulate Matter21/06/2021View Details
SPD8/2021/020 Service tender for the provision of expert assistance to quantify the improvement in air quality in Malta as a result of policy measures14/06/2021View Details
SPD8/2021/016Tender for the analysis of marine trophic guilds in Maltese waters02/06/2021View Details
CT2125/2021Tender for the Leasing of Self-Drive Electric Vehicles for the Environment and Resources Authority13/05/2021View Details
CT2450/2020Tender for the supply and analysis of passive diffusion tubes for nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, m+p+o-xylene) 09/03/2021View Details
GF/Admin/11/2020Service Tender for surveys to assess the impacts of anchoring/mooring activity and the socio-economic assessment of management options15/12/2020View Details
CT2389/2020Tender for the Provision of Monitoring and Enforcement Services for the Environment and Resources Authority26/11/2020View Details
Reference NumberTitleSubmission DeadlineLink
ERA_QT016/2021Call for Quotation for the Production of three (3) promotional thirty (30) second videos28/06/2021View Details
ERA_QT015/2021Call for Quotations for the provision of Key Expert on the review of the Implementation of Directive (EU) 2015/996 and its applicability in Malta02/06/2021View Details
ERA_QT014/2021Call for Quotations for the Supply of Non-Accredited Ambient Concentration Gas Mixtures for Air Monitoring Stations24/05/2021View Details
ERA_QT13/2021Call for Quotations for the organization of a hybrid web-conferencing event including audio-visual service and equipment30/04/2021View Details
ERA_QT12/2021Call for Quotations for the design, proofreading and printing of promotional brochures in English and Italian30/04/2021View Details
ERA_QT11/2021Call for Quotations for the manufacture of eighteen (18) exhibition panels23/04/2021View Details
ERA_QT10/2021Call for Quotations for the procurement of an advanced portable multiparameter meter21/04/2021View Details
ERA_QT09/2021Call for Quotations for the procurement of a handheld portable spectro-fluorometer21/04/2021View Details
ERA_QT08/2021Call for Quotations for the procurement of a water flow meter20/04/2021View Details
ERA_QT07/2021Call for Quotations for the Provision, Supply and Installation of Signage at Xemxija Air Monitoring Station09/04/2021View Details
ERA_QT06/2021Call for Quotations for the analysis of atmospheric Bulk Deposition samples as per Directive 2004/107/EC collected over an eighty (80) week period using the Bergerhoff method15/03/2021View Details
ERA_QT05/2021Call for Quotations for the development of an audience/ stakeholder analysis and dissemination strategy04/03/2021View Details
ERA_QT04/2021Call for Quotations for the sampling of coastal waters for the purpose of Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWT-D) Article 5 – Designation of Sensitive Areas02/03/2021View Details
ERA_QT03/2021Call for Quotations for the updating of an existing project logo with icon 01/03/2021View Details
ERA_QT02/2021Call for Quotations for the printing and installation of signage22/02/2021View Details
ERA_QT01/2021Request for Quotations for the First Level Control function in connection with the project CORALLO project, funded under the Interreg v-a Italia Malta programme19/02/2021View Details
Currently there are no open calls for Preliminary Market Consultations   
Reference NumberTitleSubmission DeadlineLink
NP02Negotiated Procedure for the Implementation of the Monitoring Programmes for Inland Surface Waters and Transitional Waters09/04/2021View Details
NP01Negotiated Procedure for the analysis of particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) filters22/12/2020View Details

The Environment and Resources Authority abides by Public Procurement Regulations as stipulated in the Subsidiary Legislation 601.03. The Authority falls under Schedule 1 and administers various public procurement procedures namely Direct Orders, Calls for Quotations and Calls for Tenders.

For any additional information pertaining to procurement procedures issued by the Authority, kindly contact us on 22923500 or via email through .