Interactive Maps

A story can effect change, influence opinion, and create awareness; and maps are an integral part of storytelling. The Interactive Maps created by the Environment & Resources Authority illustrate remarkable stories on our environment through a variety of digital maps, audio, photos and videos that inform and inspire, creating a stronger sense of place and appreciation on our surroundings.

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An evolving sound map of Mdina’s silent city aimed at exploring and appreciating the local soundscape and the relatively calm and quiet sonic environment. Mdina is unlike any other contemporary city, and the soundscape quickly identifies this distinction.

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dwejra walking trail

The Green Trail, starting at Dwejra Centre and ending at Dwejra Cliffs, features coastal limestone cliffs with endemic flora, landmarks like Dwejra Chapel, and scenic cliffs. The Orange Trail, from Dwejra Centre to Il-Qattara via the Inland Sea, includes a cave overlooking a lagoon, Mediterranean shrubs, and a freshwater pond. The Blue Trail showcases geomorphological features like Fungus Rock and cultural landmarks such as Dwejra Tower, with succulent shrubs along the coralline limestone coast.

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Explore the terrestrial component of the local Natura 2000 Network in an interactive map interface – access information and maps of each of the protected sites by either scrolling the side information panels or by selecting the site of interest from the interactive map.

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life bahar image

This interactive viewer presents the main findings of the marine surveys carried through the LIFE BaĦAR for N2K project, which led to the designation of N2K sites for the protection of reefs and caves in Maltese waters. It includes the species and habitats of conservation interest, species of commercial importance, as well as the marine litter which constitutes a pressure for this biodiversity.

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