Copernicus is the European Union’s Earth observation programme, which observes the planet and its environment for the benefit of all European citizens. The information services offered by Copernicus originates from both satellite earth observation and in-situ data, all of which is provided for free.

Copernicus has six different operational services:

  • Atmosphere (CAMS), providing continuous data and information on atmospheric composition.
  • Marine (CMEMS), providing regular information on various ocean parameters.
  • Land (CLMS), providing geographical information on land cover, land use, state of vegetation, water cycle and Earth’s surface energy variables.
  • Climate Change (C3S), providing information about the past, present and future climate of the planet.
  • Security, which application aims to support European Union policies by providing information in response to security challenges. It improves crisis prevention and response in Border Surveillance, Marine Surveillance and Support to EU External Action.
  • Emergency (EMS), which provides all parties involved in natural or man-made emergency situations with timely and accurate geospatial information.

ERA forms part of the Maltese Copernicus Relay.