Environment Fund


ERA is offering financial support for eligible projects that seek to improve the environment through the Environment Fund, which is established under Article 32 of the Environment Protection Act (Cap. 549).

The Environment Fund is aimed at supporting voluntary organisations, private companies, public entities and educational institutions in the undertaking of tangible environmental conservation projects, studies or initiatives that have the potential to achieve and manage the aims and objectives of the Environment Protection Act, remedial action to mitigate any harm caused to the environment or otherwise contribute to environmental protection in the Maltese Islands.

The Environment Fund covers, but is not limited to, the following themes:

  • Safeguarding ambient quality, including air quality, environmental noise, chemical and radiation;
  • Using resources efficiently and sustainably, including stone, fresh waters, coastal and marine areas, soil, land and waste;
  • Improving the local environment, including greening urban areas and quality of countryside;
  • Biodiversity and nature protection;
  • Geological, geomorphological, hydrological, edaphic and other features and areas containing them.

When a Call for Applications under the remit of the Environment Fund is issued, the call will include details on the thematic area of focus, which may relate to one or more of the above themes.

Management and Administration of the Fund

The scheme will be managed by ERA. Funding will be allocated to one or more chosen applicant/s after a Call for Applications has been issued by the Authority. All applications received will be assessed and ranked, and all applicants will be notified within a set period of time as to whether their application was eligible or otherwise, and whether it was chosen for funding or not. Results will also be made publicly available on the website of the Authority.

Once chosen, the applicant will enter into a Grant Agreement with the Authority. The project will be overseen and monitored by the Authority to ensure that it is being implemented as agreed and as detailed in the related application.

Eligibility for Funding and Project Selection

In order to be eligible for funding, the applicant and beneficiaries must be either:

  • public entities, including Local Councils and bodies and associations governed by public law;
  • private companies, partnerships or any other body corporate lawfully established and which has legal personality distinct from that of its members;
  • voluntary organisations established in accordance with the Voluntary Organisations Act (Cap. 492); or
  • public or private educational institutions.

Provided that the lead beneficiary must be registered or otherwise governed by the Laws of Malta. The Call for Applications may also specify the target beneficiary type, as applicable.

Logo Explanation

The logo displays a seedling enclosed in a circular border that symbolises the shelter and protection of its content, whilst portraying the letter ‘e’ reflecting the word ‘environment’.


Further details on the scope of the Fund, its administration, terms and conditions for eligibility, and more can be found in the documents below: