As part of the Mandatory Waste Separation Campaign, ERA has set up a half day seminar to all Regions and Local Councils on waste management obligations, enforcement aspects and matters related to their remits on waste.

This briefing is intended to update local government on ERAs and LCs and RCs respective remits on waste management.

The following presentations were provided:

  1. Waste management Obligations focusing on responsibilities pertaining to the RCs and LCs
  2. Waste Transport, Waste Carriers and Consignment Permits / Notes
  3. Presentation on the use of the ERA ERIS Application
  4. Compliance and Enforcement on Disposal of Waste for Collection and Mandatory Separation
  5. Compliance and Enforcement Waste Dumping & Burning Waste (incineration)

Waste management at the local or regional level

Complaints on Waste, Littering and Mandatory Separation