Malta’s Blue Wonders is an exhibition put together by ERA in collaboration with the Malta National Aquarium.
The exhibition explores the many different species and spectacular habitats which may be found in the waters surrounding Malta and Gozo.

In order to protect the marvelous sights from the many threats that can harm marine ecosystems, The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) has protected a number of sites around the Maltese Islands by designating them as Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Out of these sites;

    • Three inshore sites (extensions to existing coastal marine protected areas) have been designated to protect reefs and sea caves.
    • Five offshore areas have been designated to protect reefs and sea caves
    • Two completely new sites and three extensions to existing marine protected areas.

We urge you to visit the free exhibition at the Malta National Aquarium to experience the beauty of our marine surroundings.
The exhibition is open between the 18th February and the 16th May from 10am to 6pm all week long, no bookings are required.

A small competition will also be held during the whole duration of the event.
Those interested will be required to assemble a sentence related to the event by following the instructions found here.
The successful competitors will be given a small prize for their efforts after visiting the reception desk and stating the correct sentence.