Malta’s Proposed National Codes of Good Practice on Invasive Alien Species


From: Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change
(Environment and Resources Authority)
​Published: ​27 July 2018
Running till: ​10 August 2018
​Last Updated: ​13 August 2018


1. Background

In terms of Article 51 of the Environment Protection Act (Cap. 549), it is duly notified that the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) is preparing “National Sector-Specific Codes of Good Practice in relation to Invasive Alien Species in the Maltese Islands”, in line with the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) as adopted by the Government of Malta in terms of the same Act.
Measure BI4 of the NBSAP identified the need that key stakeholder groups (such as traders like pet shops, breeders and nurseries, as well as land and sea users) cooperate to prevent the unwanted release and/or escape and spread of non-native and invasive species into the environment. To assist this, national codes of best practices will be established in consultation with key stakeholders and adopted for those sectors that can aid the introduction and spread of invasive species.

The main objectives of the proposed ‘National Codes of Best Practice’ are:

To set up a series of sector-specific codes to raise awareness and promote good practice to curb the risks associated with introducing and using alien species that exhibit an invasive potential;
To put forward a series of recommendations based on the principle of self-regulation, tailored to a particular sector, that may aid the introduction and spread of alien species
To provide practical and concise guidance in establishing common standards of good practice and responsible attitudes and behaviours when using alien species in that sector
To provide policy documents that are complementary to national legislation and support the implementation of the proposed National Strategy on Invasive Alien Species.​

2. Consultation Questions

The public is invited to submit any feedback or comments on the intent and objectives of these Codes of Good Practice.

3. Submission of input

Submissions were sent in through the following channel:
By email:​

Submissions were received by 10 August 2018.
We thank you for your input.
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