The Mediterranean Protected Areas Network (MedPAN), was created in 1990 during the Monaco Conference with the support of the World Bank. In 2008, the MedPAN organisation was created as a non-profit organisation under French law, and its permanent secretariat has been in place since the end of 2009. As of May 2020, MedPAN brings together 72 members managing over 110 MPAs, and 52 partners, from 21 Mediterranean countries. MedPAN works with these members and partners as well as with governmental and non-governmental organisations on a local, national, regional and international level to develop its activities.

The two main objectives of MedPAN, established at its creation, were the sharing of experience between managers of Mediterranean protected areas, and the development of management tools. The MedPAN 2019-2023 Strategy, focuses on important Marine Protected Area (MPA) management items, under seven strategic axis:

  1. Strong and Active MedPAN Network
  2. Active Networks of MPA Actors at All Levels
  3. Improved Capacity of MPA Managers in the Mediterranean
  4. Increased Knowledge and Data on MPAs in the Mediterranean
  5. Increased Awareness of MPA Managers, Decision-Makers, Donors, Relevant Economic Sectors and General Public to Support MPAs
  6. Policy Implementation to Support MPAs
  7. Sustainable Funding for MPA Networks and MPA Management

Under these axis, MedPAN facilitates workshops, training programmes, projects, international cooperation, capacity building, scientific strategy and coordinated Mediterranean levels actions and conservation planning.