Mediterranean Posidonia Network (MPN)



The Mediterranean Posidonia Network (MPN) was born after the EU Event held in Athens (Greece) in 2019 named Anchors Away. It aims to bring together different stakeholders, such as the European Commission, authorities, scientists, users and environmental organisations. These actors are concerned with the protection of Posidonia oceanica, a seagrass species threatened by various pressures, exacerbated by the fact that it is highly vulnerable because of its slow growth rate. This species forms a key habitat in the Mediterranean Sea, which is afforded protection through the designation of protected areas. The aim is to increase each Mediterranean country’s capacity-building to better protect Posidonia oceanica and prevent its future degradation.

The key objectives of the MPN are the following:

  • working on the knowledge regarding Posidonia oceanica, the pressures and the impacts it is subjected to, while ensuring the monitoring and evaluation of this seagrass;
  • creating new regulations and strengthening current ones, while ensuring all regulations in the Mediterranean are homogenous;
  • facilitating the advent of eco-mooring and anchoring services as alternatives to boat users;
  • raising awareness at the local, national and international levels about the importance of Posidonia oceanica and the impact of anchoring upon it.

The Environment & Resources Authority is a member of the MPN.