ERA Staff Lunch With a Difference
Funds collected for YMCA Dar Niki Cassar

Co-workers within the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) organised a social event, aimed at assisting Dar Niki Cassar in purchasing a new solar panel system.

Dar Niki Cassar, run by YMCA, aims to provide shelter, support and holistic services to individuals or families who are experiencing homelessness, so that they may become self-sufficient, make healthy choices and move on to independent living.

As a regulator in the environment, ERA supports the use of solar energy, a tremendous resource for generating clean and sustainable electricity without toxic pollution or global warming emissions. An entity such as Dar Niki Cassar stands to benefit greatly from solar energy, it being cost-effective in the long term. Reducing costs related to the production of energy can, it turn, lead to more investment that benefits the residents at Dar Niki Cassar more directly.

Flimkien Fund-ERA, the Authority’s welfare fund, together with Unite!, the arm that organises corporate events, collaborated in collecting a small amount of money from all workers willing to participate. A small portion of each contribution went towards the purchasing of baked pasta for lunch, whereas the rest was donated to Dar Niki Cassar. A total of €318 were collected, and handed over to the Dar Niki Cassar residence.

ERA staff had already participated in the yearly CSR event at YMCA. Over 35 employees participated during the two-day event, completing a wide array of tasks, including painting walls and ceilings, cleaning and cooking for the residents.

By helping the residential entity edge closer towards achieving its goals, ERA aims to encourage similar residencies to invest in clean energy. The Maltese islands lend themselves brilliantly towards the use of solar energy, having long hours of sunshine almost every day. Additionally, ERA takes the opportunity to encourage more private and state entities to contribute towards greener practices and social causes.

The public may donate and support the YMCA Solar Energy Project by calling 2767 4278 or visiting the YMCA website