The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) would like to clarify that apart from the designated zone at ‘Tal-Ful’ no camping activity can be carried out on Comino, unless authorised by the Authority. Such requests are evaluated by the Authority and are subject to various conditions.

Camping at ‘Tal-Ful’ area can be carried out as of this summer after AmbjentMALTA completed restructuring works including removal of illegally dumped material, installation of fencing, planting of various trees and levelling off the ground.

ERA’s statements in January are related to enforcement action taken in the vicinity of Santa Marija Bay and refer to unregulated activity that was being held indiscriminately. Such unregulated activity was leading to the degradation of the important habitats in the area.

Permits were issued under specific conditions, whereby the permit holder must ensure that there is no disturbance of any specimen or any protected species and that all precautions are taken to avoid environmental harm. The permit holder must respect the protection status of the area and make no physical modification of the site or the surroundings. The permit holder is responsible for the collection and disposal of any litter, refuse or waste originated and generated during the camping activity. The site must be cleaned and restored to its original condition by the permit holder, without causing any harm to the protected area and the surrounding environment.

Further conditions refer to the amount of lighting and noise generated, conditions for holding barbeques, together with the prohibition of generators, liquid fuel and other combustible material.
The conditions imposed must be adhered to throughout all the activities.