The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) Board has today, 25 August 2017, taken two decisions, approving the IPPC permits for the partial surrender of the Delimara Power Station and the Marsa Power Station.

The permit for the Delimara Power Station, covers the dismantling of the chimney and structures related to the operations of the Delimara Phase I plant together with the continued operations of Delimara 2a and 2b (gas turbines) operated by Enemalta Plc., Delimara 3 (diesel engine) operated by D3 Power Generation Ltd., and Delimara 4 CCGT and LNG Terminal operated by ElectroGas Malta Ltd.

The permit for the Marsa Power Station covers the dismantling of most of the structures remaining on site, together with the continued operation of one open-cycle gas turbine  and the retention of the associated gas oil storage tank for use as an emergency back-up plant.

The IPPC permits granted cover a number of monitoring obligations, which operators are to fulfil throughout the 4 year validity of the permits, as well as specific conditions related to the dismantling operations so as to ensure the required level of environment protection.

All public consultation documents are available on the ERA website for Delimara Power Station and  Marsa Power Station.​ ​