The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) Board has unanimously approved the renewal of the IPPC permit for the Thermal Treatment Facility in Marsa operated by WasteServ Malta Ltd during a public meeting that was held today, 7th May 2021.

The application process included consultation with a number of Statutory consultees as well as a public consultation as required by the IPPC Regulations.

The IPPC permit covers the continued operations of the installation at Marsa whose main activity involves the incineration of animal by-products and hazardous waste. The permit takes into account the holistic environmental performance of the plant and ascertains that the operations are undertaken in line with Best Available Techniques that are available for such operations and any required improvements are carried out in line with these standards. It is to be noted that the Authority has seen a drastic decrease in complaints on the operation of the facility, with no complaints registered in the 2021.

The integrated permit takes into consideration all the aspects of the operations including emissions to air, discharges, management of waste, monitoring of operations as well as monitoring of pollutants prior to release into the environment. The proposal approved includes measures to improve certain operational aspects of the site to further reduce the impacts on the environment.

All public consultation documents are available on the ERA website.

7 May 2021