As part of its commitments towards environment protection, new CCTV cameras as well as structures aimed at reducing physical damage to the environment are being installed in selected Natura 2000 sites and protected areas in Malta.

A new CCTV camera that has been installed in Selmun over the past few days has been vandalised yesterday. The CCTV camera in question, which had just been installed in the vicinity of the Fort Campbell area, is part of a network of CCTV cameras installed by the Environment and Resources Authority and Ambjent Malta in order to increase the vigilance in areas which are protected for their natural importance and beauty.

The Environment and Resources Authority admonishes such acts of vandalism and is currently working closely with the Police to take all the necessary actions to trace the offenders.

ERA would like to appeal to the public to report any information related to this act of vandalism and any other crimes on the environment on 2292 3500.

6 March 2021