Following reports on air quality in the inner Harbour area, ERA acknowledges the impact that port activities have on air quality and has in the past also carried out discussions with Birdlife on the said measurements.

ERA and the University of Malta, have been monitoring the air quality downwind of the Grand Harbour in Gardjola Gardens, Senglea, since May 2020 so as to get a clearer picture of the situation in the area. The impact of the shipping industry on ambient air quality cannot be done at random over selected days but has to look at reliable averages over extended periods of time. Further scientific data is necessary to be able to evaluate the situation and enough samples need to be taken after cruise-ship activities return to post-pandemic normality in order to have a clear picture of the situation.

Nonetheless, following ERA’s advise, TM already took steps to improve the situation with future zero-emissions vessels planned in the area and the current €50 million shore-to-ship project enabling vessels to run off power coming from the shore rather than from onboard generators, thus contributing to significantly cleaner air in the area.

25 October 2021