The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) has removed campers found to be in breach of regulations at the tal-Ful campsite in Comino.

Over the past few weeks, ERA officers were actively following the situation. The Authority confirms that the last semi-permanent structure was removed on Friday, thus assuring fair access to the site to all campers.

Campers on site were informed of the new regulations and asked to conform. When the campsite was upgraded, a number of semi-permanent structures were set up causing an inconvenience to other campers. Certain camps were also observed to be set up for extended periods, blocking other campers from using the site.

These rules seek to address several pertinent issues that have been noted at the campsite, including the size and types of camps which may be used and the duration which camps may be left on site.

ERA officers will continue monitoring the situation and address any illegalities.

Over the past year, ERA and Ambjent Malta carried out Rehabilitation works to give the campsite and its surroundings a new lease of life. ERA and Ambjent Malta worked together to remove illegally dumped material, installed fencing, planted several trees and carried out ground levelling.

ERA would like to remind the general public that apart from the designated zone at ‘Tal-Ful’, no camping activity can be carried out at Comino unless authorised by the Authority.

The applicable Site Rules may be viewed here.

13 June 2022

Tal-ful campsite action 2022