The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) has committed €500,000 to six environmental projects supported through the Better Environment in our Local Urban Spaces (BELLUS) call.

This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia, together with ERA Acting CEO Kevin Mercieca.

The Minister explained that the projects were evaluated according to the effects of the projects on the environment and the community as a whole.

Minister Farrugia reiterated that the government continues to invest in both the natural and rural environment of the Maltese islands while prioritising the wellbeing and quality of life of all families. “Green projects, especially those that are innovative and sustainable, are more important than ever. We are continuing to invest in the people and in the future, and we are inviting public entities and voluntary organisations to join us in creating a better Malta,” he said.

The six selected projects relate to environmental improvements and restoration in rural and urban areas in several localities. They will involve greening, educational and environmental management projects for the benefit of the public, students and the environment, namely through the following initiatives:

  • Don Bosco Foundation – Green Living Hub Malta – will renovate one of their facilities in a rural area and turn it into a green living hub.
  • St John Rescue Corps – Regeneration of a reservoir – Fort Madliena – will see the restoration of Fort Madliena Water reservoir, maintenance to water channels and well sump pits to ensure the free flow of rainwater into the reservoir.
  • MCAST – Green Access – will see the installation of 300 sqm extensive green roof on top of the new MCAST Resource Centre building.
  • Żejtun Local Council – Embellishment of Ġebel San Martin Ring Road and restoration of rubble walls – will see the embellishment of Ġebel San Martin Ring Road and restoration of rubble walls to preserve water in reservoirs, prevent soil erosion and flooding, protect biodiversity and will also include the installation of benches, bins and road lighting.
  • Federation for Hunting and Conservation – KATTAR: A collective effort for a resilient environment – will focus on the propagation of local trees, shrubs and plants in existing nurseries at Buskett, as well as raising awareness through the involvement of the public in hands-on planting and the provision of seeds to interested citizens in a controlled manner. This project will also see the distribution of planting material and plants to FKNK members and Local Councils in the West and North of mainland Malta.
  • St Augustine College – Ecology education @ St Augustine College – will address the regeneration of the St Augustine College Pietà garden (called Cassiciacum Garden) open area, together with two areas on the roof as possible roof gardens, with the aim to engage students and raise environmental awareness.

ERA Acting CEO Kevin Mercieca said that the BELLUS projects aim to serve as a catalyst to promote the improvement of national environmental conditions, awareness and wellbeing, bringing nature back to our cities, towns and villages through green initiatives and the application of nature-based solutions with activities aimed to implement more green spaces within public areas.

9 March 2022