22December 2022


Children and youth engagement is key to continue working towards our environmental ambitions – Minister Miriam Dalli


Students from different schools met Minister Miriam Dalli and the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) to discuss their proposals for the future of Malta’s environment.

Children from San Andrea School, De La Salle College, St Benedict’s College and St Nicholas College were welcomed for a countryside walk at Majjistral Park, before sitting down with Minister Miriam Dalli and ERA officials to present their ideas about the National Strategy for the Environment 2050 (NSE). The authority published this strategy for public consultation last summer. It is currently reviewing the numerous submissions received from different stakeholders, before presenting the updated document to Parliament for final approval.

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli thanked the students for accepting ERA’s invitation to join the public debate about the NSE.

“Malta’s plans for a greener, cleaner environment during the next 30 years require the participation of all of us. This is a strategy that must reflect our priorities as a country, and we must all work to achieve it. One of the eight principal goals of the strategy is to empower the people to lead the required green transition. We could not conclude this important strategy without reaching out to children. We have a lot to learn from the enthusiasm and innovative ideas of our younger generation, and I look forward to keep giving them similar platforms to continue determining our future,” Minister Miriam Dalli said.

Minister Dalli explained that the proposals presented to ERA by students will be added to the submissions received in recent months, including those of other students participating in the Ekoskola programme.

Nadia Suda Lanzon, who leads the team developing the NSE, emphasised the importance of listening to young stakeholders as well. “With their future ahead of them, children will benefit the most from the successful implementation of this strategy. Giving them the opportunity to have their say ensures the relevance and validity of our policies.”

The NSE is built on eight strategic goals, targeting our country’s present and future environmental challenges and opportunities – Clean Air, Quality Neighbourhood, Thriving Biodiversity, Zero Waste, Resilient Land Resources, Flourishing Seas, Sustainable Water Resources and Enabling Change.

NSE Kids Minister Majistral